Best Computerized Sewing Machines in 2017

best computerized sewing machine 2017

Long gone are the days of the old Singer pedal sewing machines. They are more likely to be found in a museum than in a home. Out with the old, and in with the new computerized sewing machines. With so many to choose from, it is hard to decide which the best actually is. Hopefully, this complied list of the three best computerized sewing machines will help lead all sewing fanatics to the perfect one.

#1 Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist

Singer has been around since 1851, so it comes to no surprise they have kept up to date with technology in their machines. This is a fantastic machine, and it is little wonder it is rated number 1.

This machine is a beast! Its frame is built with heavy duty, durable metal, so no need to be delicate with it. It has 600 stitches built in, 13 one-step buttonholes, along with 5 fonts. This particular sewing machine was built with endless creation possibilities in mind. The LCD screen is magnificent, so easy to read. The entire machine is so easy to use. Selecting stiches is as easy as pushing a button. Voilà! You are now ready to sew. The two LED bulbs are bright as well as eco-friendly. Automatic threading, automatic thread trimming, what is not to like about this machine? The only thing going against the Quantum is it doesn’t like to share outlets with other appliences. No shame in that.

#2 Singer 7258 Stylist

Another Singer? Why yes. They are the top brand out there for a reason. So what makes this one different to the Quantum Stylist?

This one is easier to use, as there are less functions to learn about than the Quantum. This may also give the user more time sewing than playing with all the goodies. And as they say, ‘less is more’. That is very true for this sewing machine. There are 100 built in stiches in this machine. It is perfect for crafting quilts, and garments, and anything the mind can conjure up. The sky is the limit! Threading the needle is easy peasy with the automatic threader. Probably one of its best features would be the auto pilot. It is possible to use this machine without the pedal. The only down fall with this machine, is it likes to throw out errors. Thankfully, there are quick fix solutions that can be found online or in the manual.

#3 Brother CS600i Feature Rich

Last but not least, Brother CS600i. Another well-known and respected brand of sewing machines. Brother jumped on board the technology train, making the world of sewing machines a much better place.

This is another sewing machine with many features including 60 stiches built in to it, 7 one-step buttonholes, making this one of the easiest to use sewing machines out there. This one has an easy to read LCD screen, allowing stitches to be selected proficiently. Throw in an automatic threader, making fumbling around with the needle and thread a thing of the past. The Brother is equipped with a large table, as well as a bright bulb for a well-lit area to work on. This particular sewing machine is lightweight and manageable for movement, another plus for the Brother.

The only downfall this sewing machine has is due to its light weight, it is often found to move around when in use. It is recommended to place a rubber mat underneath the machine to keep it stable. Another common issue is the thread tends to ‘bird nest’ often. This is another easy fix, just make sure to use good quality thread.

Best Starter Sewing Machines

Buying a sewing machine can be quite a large investment. When someone new to the sewing machine world is looking to purchase a sewing machine, it can be rather daunting on which one is best. Sewing machines are notorious for their buttons and dials and fiddly bits that can often be off-putting for someone new. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any sewing machines for beginners out there waiting to be picked.

#1 Singer 4411 Heavy Duty

The Singer 4411 doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles, which actually makes it perfect for a first buy sewing machine. Its simplicity allows the sewing student to get to know the basics of the machine rather than trying to work out what all the extra buttons and switches do. The frame is built from strong metal, giving the sewing machine stability and endurance from wear and tear. Because of the stainless steel bed, fabric glides gracefully across for perfect sewing results. This sewing machine will stitch through just about any material you wish to use, with graceful ease giving a professional finished look.  Because of its high speeds of 1000 stitches per minute, this may be a little too fast for a beginner to control the flow of the fabric, and the line of the stitch.

#2 Singer 8763 Curvy

This particular model is computerized, but this is beneficial to beginners because it takes out a lot of the hard work for you. It has a built-in function for automatic threading, and the stitch length and width are set automatically for the right stitch required for the job. With a simple touch of a button, the choice of two, one step buttonholes can be selected. This machine has 30 built in stitch selections to choose from. An extra high foot presser has been added to this machine for creating heavier tasks such as quilts. A lot of fun creating professional projects can be had with this sewing machine. This sewing machine is prone to bunching with low-quality thread, so careful when choosing threads to avoid any frustration.

#3 Jamone DC2012 Décor

The Jamone DC2012 Décor is a pretty high tech for a beginner’s sewing machine and a lot of fun. It has 50 unique built in stitches to choose from, including buttonhole styles. It is easy to search the required stitch from the on board tableau, and with the use of the navigation buttons, selecting the appropriate stitch has been made easy. By the touch of a button, the automatic reverse will secure your finished stitches; lock the needle in place, or control the up/down position of the needle. The extra high presser foot is useful for quilting, and thicker fabrics. The automatic thread tensioner control will save your thread from snapping or becoming too loose, both vital parts of sewing with a machine. A few things could be changed to make this sewing machine the number one sewing machine. Upon arrival, setting up the sewing machine can prove difficult because the instructions aren’t very clear. The automatic threader is a bit fiddly, to begin with. It may take a few attempts to master the art of using it. And the foot pedal could use a little weight in it to prevent it from sliding around.

When choosing the right machine for the job all falls down to the preference of what is actually desired from the machine itself. Some say the more computer parts added the more likely hood of mechanical errors in the future. However, the computerized sewing machines have made the sewing experience more joyful to users because there is less time spent on setting up the machine, and more time creating beautiful projects. All in all, these three sewing machines will be a sound investment for any beginners stepping into to sewing with machine world.

Best Singer Sewing Machines

For those of you who have not invested in a sewing machine, you have not yet experienced the luxury and benefits of possessing your own high quality sewing station. Buying a fast and effective sewing machine is an investment worthwhile, giving you the option of repairing or altering any new, old or ruined clothes. In the current market, there are sewing machines available in all shapes and sizes, including a selection of models and brands to choose from. This piece will take you through the top Singer Sewing machines available today.

#1 Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist

Regarded as one of the best quality computerized sewing machines available on the market today, the 9960 Quantum Stylist is truly a machine to be admired. The machine has a lot of unique features compared to your average sewing station including fast and slow sewing speed options maxing 850 stitches per minute, and 600 stitch patterns to choose from. These features allow the user to stitch efficiently and most importantly effectively. Another feature that adds to the sewing experience is the automatic thread cutter and needle threader, this allows the user to sew for longer without stopping, with any old fashioned or lower quality sewing machines these are done manually by the user. We’ve all lost a few buttons off a suit blazer, or work shirt. Not a problem if you have the Quantum 9960 as it has 13 different buttonhole styles which allows the user the add, replace or create buttonholes on any item of clothing they desire. The only negative associated with this product is its size and weight, as it is a heavy-duty machine weighing around 20lbs, it is simply not transportable.

#2 Singer 7258 Fashion Mate Stylist

Another powerful sewing machine produced by Singer offering a unique and satisfying experience to its users. This machine is suitable for users of any skill level, whether you are a beginner or a more experienced sewing expert. The machine allows you to start any sewing project efficiently with easy to manoeuvre machine threading and automatic needle threading. Sewing with this machine is a smooth experience whether you’re looking to use utility, decorative or stretch stitches. Aside from the incredible 600 stitch patterns the Quantum 9960 provides, this machine offers considerably more than your average sewing machine with 100 unique stitch patterns to choose from. You can select your stitch pattern, length and width through a digital display screen on the machine which makes it easy to operate. The machine includes 6 different buttonhole to choose from. Like the 9960 Quantum stylist, the main negative associated with this machine is it is not transportable.

#3 Singer 221 Vintage Sewing Machine

Developed in the 1930’s it originally came in black, but is available in white also. Even though the original models were created some 80 years ago, all accessories and or machine replacements can be found through the internet or some retailers. When purchasing this machine, it is important to assess the condition of the machine as it is an older model. Although the it is a more fashioned model than the two above, it provides for a unique user experience with its smooth and quiet operation which making it a delight to work with. It is a small and compact design making it transportable and easy to store in a cupboard or press at home. The main negative associated with the machine is it won’t do any magic or fantastic patterns, but it gives you a taste of how original sewing machines operated.

If you’re looking for a high-end sewing machine to conduct some heavy-duty sewing operations on a regular basis then considering either the 9960 Quantum or 7258 Fashion Mate models would be recommended for you, the two machines operate both efficiently and effectively. The Singer 221 Vintage model is suitable for anyone looking for a unique, yet basic sewing experience, whilst being able to transport or store the machine easily.


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